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11.30am - 5.00pm

Cream of green peas and mint soup 3.50

(v) (7)

3 Egg omelette with a choice of 3 toppings 4.50

Cheese/tomato/onion/mushroom/peppers /smoked salmon (3,4,7,9,12)

Panini 4.00

Tuna melt (1,3,4,7,8,11)

BBQ chicken (1,7,8,11)

Classic Caesar salad 4.00

Add chicken 1.50 or Add smoked salmon 2.00


Wraps 4.50

BBQ chicken with cheese and tomato (1,3,7)

Spiced chicken with cheddar and garlic mayo (1,3,7)

Crispy quorn with sweet chilli (v,vg) (1)

Cheeseburger 6.00


Chicken fillet burger with garlic mayo 6.50


Duck burger with red cabbage coleslaw 6.00


Crispy fried halloumi sticks with sour cream and chives 4.50

(v) (1,3,7)


Fries 1.00

Mixed leaves (9,10,12), Cheesy fries (7), Sweet potato fries 2.50

Asparagus (7) 3.50


Crème brûlée 3.50

(v) (3,7)

Summer fruit compote with lemon sorbet 4.50

(v) (1,3,5,7,8)

Fruit salad 3.50



AFTERNOON TEA 13:00-18:00 15.00 per person

Advance booking & payment is required

Selection of Fine Pastries

Homemade vanilla scones

with Cornish clotted cream and choice of preserves

Selection of Finger Sandwiches

Cucumber and cream cheese (v)

Chicken mayo and sweet corn

Tuna mayo and spring onion

Egg mayo and chives (v)

Allergens of Afternoon Tea may vary, please ask a member of Restaurant Team




1.Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat, rye, barley, oats. 2. Crustaceans for example prawns, crabs, lobster, crayfish 3. Eggs 4. Fish 5. Peanuts 6. Soybeans 7. Milk 8. Nuts, namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia(or queensland) nuts 9. Celery 10. Mustard 11. Sesame 12. Sulphur dioxide/sulphites, where added and at a level above 10mg/kg in the finished product. This can be used as a preservative in dried fruit 13. Lupin which includes lupin seeds and flour and can be found in types of bread, pastries and pasta 14. Molluscs like clams, mussels, whelks, oysters, snails and squid

(V) Suitable for Vegetarians (VG) Suitable for Vegans *Please inform a member of Restaurant Team about any special dietary requirements or allergies. *All prices include VAT. A discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to your bill, this amount will be distributed to your servers.