September – Head Chef Recipe of the Month

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Pan-fried Chicken with Chorizo Crushed Potato, Nduja Cream and Seasonal Vegetables.

1. 1 Corn-fed chicken breast (with skin and French trimmed)
2. 60gr Halal beef chorizo (diced)
3. 60gr Halal beef nduja
4. 300ml Double cream
5. 200gr La Ratte potatoes
6. 15gr Good quality unsalted butter

Chorizo Crashed Potatoes:
The first step is to cook the potatoes from cold water until a knife tip runs through smoothly. Dice the potatoes to approximately 2cm chunks.
Then add a spoonful of melted butter, sautee the chorizo and when it starts to give off its aroma add the potato and sautee, until light golden brown.
When plating, use a medium-size round cutter. Spoon in the above mix in, turn and press down with the back of the spoon until it has an even and smooth finish. Remove the cutter to expose the potato base for the chicken.

Your corn-fed chicken breast must be organic if you want the quality of meat that speaks for itself once it’s cooked to perfection.
Make sure there are no leftover feather buds on the skin.Marinate the chicken with salt and black pepper 12 hours in advance, that will help it retain more of its natural juices and let it to develop more complex flavours.

French-trim the wing bone, that involves scrapping all the meat away from the bone until it’s clean.
Preheat the pan on medium heat, add a touch of olive oil and place the chicken skin down.
Once the skin achieves a golden brown colour and a crisp texture, flip it skin upwards and place the pan in a preheated oven at 180C. The chicken core temperature must reach a minimum of 73C in order to kill all bacteria.
Once cooked, place the chicken on top of the potato base and proceed with the seasonal vegetables.

Use only the best seasonal produce available to compliment your chicken. For our Autumn menu we will be featuring a selection of the following veg:

Golden beetroot peeled and balled out
Broccoli florets and broad beans
Chantonay carrots
Cook them all separately until al-dente in salty water, then glaze all vegetables in unsalted butter with a few sprigs of thyme.
Season with sea salt (if needed) and freshly milled black pepper.
Place them as a nest around the potato base and finish the dish with the Nduja cream.

Nduja Cream:
In a preheated pan on medium heat add the nduja in chunks and sweat it off until the aromatic fats start to come out, add a clove of roasted garlic, a sprinkle of chipotle powder, 5 pieces of San Marzano tomato and the double cream, let it boil for 5 minutes, take away from the heat and blend it until it has creamy and smooth in texture.
Finish the dish with the sauce ( I recommend to use as much a fair amount as it is delicious!)

This tasty chicken dish is currently part of our Autumn 2019 evening menu at our restaurant in Stratford, London.

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