Introduction to Mocktails

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Have you ever found yourself at a party as the designated driver and all you get to drink is a lackluster glass of orange juice or cola If so, you probably need to read on as we’ve put together a concise guide for you and you can find them at The Westbridge Restaurant 

The Mocktail or Mock-Cocktail was originally enjoyed at festive occasions and parties. These days they are so popular that you’ll find them at almost all hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs in London and the world over. The mocktail can be described as a smooth blend of non-alcoholic drinks, which can include fresh fruit juices, syrups, cream, herbs and spices.

As Mocktails are designed specifically for those who don’t drink alcohol it’s great for designated drivers, those of you on a work lunch or even dinner. Mocktails are also popular alternatives to alcoholic drinks for many others as they are great for getting into the spirit of a get-together or a party without a hangover the next day -or those embarrassing text messages usually sent “under the influence”.

Mocktails contain a variety of ingredients which help to create a versatile blend of flavours. Virtually anything can be added to a mocktail, including sugar, salt, mint leaves, fruit, syrup, honey, milk, even jalapenos find their way into a mix these days. When creating the perfect mocktail, however, it’s probably wise to look at some recipes first as you’ll want to get the combination of each ingredient just right. One too many peppers and fiery green chillies could turn your mocktail into a Molotov!

When it comes to Mocktails there are always a few famous ones that come to mind for the connoisseur. Selections like the exotic Virgin Daiquiri, delicious Bellini, Virgin Mary, Mojito but here at The Westbridge Hotel we will give you a taste of probably some of the most famous one, as well as a taste of our own creativity.

The fact of the matter is that a simple orange juice or coke with ice won’t cut it these days, and with more and more people living healthier lifestyles and going to the gym regularly it’s inevitable that an increasing number of people are drinking non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails more than ever before.

Creating a mocktail or cocktail is an art form, and many bartenders and mixologist spend hours upon hours trying to create a new flavor or the new big mix. This mixing craze has become so big that mixologist classes are springing up all around London. If you want to become a mixologist or try your hand at mixing a mocktail or cocktails like a professional checkout Mixology Events and their classes

5 Tips for Making Healthy Mocktail

Helpful suggestions on how to make healthy, New Year’s resolution-friendly “Mocktails.”

1. Have real fresh fruit or real fruit juice with no added sugar.

2. Limit fruit juices to no more than four fluid ounces due to sugar content (whole fruits have fibre that decreases glycemic load).

3. The healthiest fruits are those high in antioxidants: all berries, grapes, melons, dark orange or red fruits (apricots, peaches, mango, papaya), and all citrus fruits.

4. Use additional fresh herbs, citrus zest, and spices for added concentrated antioxidants and flavour punch mint, basil, lemon, orange, lime, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom to name a few.

5. Use calorie-free mixers such as sparkling water or diet tonic water for added volume.

The Westbridge Hotel Mocktail Selection

Here at The Westbridge we’ve taken some of the tastiest everyday ingredients and infused them together to create a wonderful new mocktail menu. Our mocktail menu will definitely give other London bars and restaurants a run for their money. So next time you’re around in Stratford, London shopping in Westfield Stratford City or exploring Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park why not come along and join us at The Westbridge Hotel for one of our delicious mocktails.

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