Top 7 Reasons to Visit London in January

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For those in the know, January is a fantastic time to travel to London. On this blog, we share with you why you should consider visiting London in January!

  1. Flights are cheaper after the Christmas and NYE holidays. Particularly if you avoid travelling on the dates when everyone if flying back from their Christmas breaks on time for school (eg: after the 6th of January).
  2. Fewer crowds. If you can’t stand having to wait in line to visit popular attractions or rides, January is an excellent time to visit. Chances are you will avoid the large school groups that tend to visit London throughout the rest of the year.
  3. A lot of the Christmas Events also take place in January. Winter Wonderland, Christmas Markets, the Festive Street Lights, Disney on Ice, Open Air Ice Rinks and even Hogwarts in the Snow are still going for at least the first week in January.
  4. January Sales: if you love shopping. London is awesome for shopping all-year-round, the choice, the fashion designer shops -and so many brilliant shopping districts (even 2 Westfields Shopping Centres to choose from). However, shopping in London is even better when you can be sure that you will be able to get a bargain (or two) in the winter sales.
  5. Theatre Deals: If you haven’t heard about Get Into London Theatre, this is a winter initiative to promote performing arts in London during their quietest time (1st January to mid February) that has been going since 2001, where you can often buy £10 tickets for a wide range of plays in the West End.  An excellent option for those who love theatre and musicals (operas and comedies too) but would prefer not to pay top dollar for tickets. For more information visit:
  6. Winter is the optimal weather for pubs: Experience pubs how they were meant to be enjoyed. Sit on a comfy armchair next to a roaring fire or in a cozy corner table next to a window and watch the world go by. You can order a coffee if beer (or ales) are not your thing -Or even better; head down to a gastropub and order a traditional roast on a Sunday. The Sunday Lunch can be a bit heavy during the warmer months but it’s absolutely perfect on cold January day.
  7.  Chinese New Year: In 2020, the Chinese New Year celebrations fall on the 26th January. A fantastic time to visit Chinatown and stick around for the impressive parade, performances, and displays that take place in and around this area for the occasion. For more information about what’s on for Chinese New Year in London this year, read our new blog.
  8. Snow: Not a given, but if you are really lucky you might even get to see London in the snow…

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